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Our mission is to provide high quality-level call center services and IT support services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Who are we?

Call Center kosova

AGGA SHPK is privately owned company, based in Prishtina, Kosovo. Founded in January 2012, the company started to offer call center services to small financial intermediary companies in Switzerland whose call center services deemed to be cost ineffective and whose own call center operators were overworked or who lacked technical skills required for establishing sustainable contact with specific clients.

Call Center services

Our services are offered mainly in three languages: German, French and English. Knowing the diversity of population living in Switzerland other languages are not left aside such as: Albanian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. And our services are mainly oriented in financial intermediary activities (insurance activities) and IT support. Services are offered inbound and outbound depending from customer need. Our employees are trained to offer services specifically for the products the client demands, depending on the request we can process complex queries within the company in the shortest time possible. Currently we are working for insurance brokers in Switzerland and the rate is 57.44% successful contracts, and 72.03% entrance rate from our outbound services.

Call Center outsourcing to kosovo

We started with 10 employees in January 2012 and as our customer base grew with the same pace grew the number of employees totaling up to 52 in January 2015. In 2015 we expanded in two cities; Prishtina and Peja; and now, in cooperation with our partners in Kosovo, we have more than 100 employees and available 120 seats more. While our strategy was not to grow fast devoted to offer high quality services we had to adapt to this trend of growth. Capacity building of young managers remains the key to our success.

Kosovo is a newborn country and as such was administered by UN for more than 9 years with English as prevailing official language (UNMIK). The country has the youngest population in Europe and almost 90% speak English language, with no accent difficulties. If the need arises we can provide quick hiring of English speaking employees.

Programmer Center It support Kosovo

Unfortunately for many youngsters who came back home from EU Countries and who for many years have worked or have been educated in foreign languages were left unemployed. Luckily for these youngsters the companies such as AGGA SHPK was the first to offer them a decent job and the opportunity to work on their second language and feel important in the society.